If you are expressing an interest for the Mindfulness Train the Trainer (Level 3) course, please review the criteria, as you will need to tick the box below to say you have read and understood expectations and are willing to adhere and be accountable to the criteria if entering onto this course.

Mindfulness Train the Trainer (Level 3) Criteria

1.      You must have completed the Mindfulness Intensive (Level 2) training as part of the HeadStart Kent (HSK) programme or can evidence completion of an equivalent mindfulness stress-based reduction (MBSR) course and recent practice.

2.      You must be able to describe ongoing application of Mindfulness in your personal and professional life including regular mindfulness practice

3.      You must be committed to further learning of mindfulness and be able to attend both days of the 2-day course

4.      You must have some experience of delivering training of facilitating adult learning e.g. in-service training or coaching

5.      You must have the permission of your line manager/organisation to attend the training and to cascade the learning back in the organisation and wider community (e.g. with primary school staff if you are from a secondary school)

6.      You must liaise with your manager to identify how you will achieve delivery of Mindfulness to other staff within your role and ensure it is reviewed within your CPD plan for the next 12 months

7.      If you are from a school, you should find out who the HeadStart contact is in your school and keep them informed of your Mindfulness learning and explore how it can benefit the school as part of the HeadStart Agreement, seeking their assistance for any barriers that may emerge

8.      For all participants, you should have a good awareness of the HeadStart programme and be motivated to support the wellbeing and resilience of young people

9.      You must be committed to gathering evidence of the impact of Mindfulness by collating evidence and reporting outcomes to the HeadStart Kent team including individual case studies and number of staff supported. 

10.   You must be prepared to share learning and attend ongoing Communities of Practice (at least 1 a year) throughout the duration of the HeadStart Contract (to April 2021)

11.   To your knowledge, you intend to remain in a role where you can train staff supporting Kent young people for a minimum of 2 years.

Level 3 application will take end of Level 2 evaluation and additional information/sign up to criteria into account.

Managing Expectations

Please note, places on Mindfulness Train the Trainer (Level 3) course are limited, so we will use your responses to prioritise places. A further joining questionnaire will be sent to confirm your place and identify any personal circumstances and requirements that may need consideration. Your place is not confirmed until this has been sent to you. We regret that we will not be able to accommodate every applicant on the programme but we will keep our information and opportunities for further learning updated on www.mindfulkent.co.uk and www.headstartkent.org.uk        .

If you would like to submit an expression of interest for the Mindfulness Train the Trainer then please proceed below:

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