During the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course we will be engaging in various activities to foster mindfulness and kindness. These include formal meditation practices, as well as small things we can do in the midst of our daily lives, such as doing a routine task mindfully, taking a break, slowing down a little. In particular we'll be using the body sensations and the breath to help develop awareness. The aim of meditation is not to prevent the mind wandering off - which it will do, repeatedly - but to get into the habit of learning to check in with our experience so we have choices in how we respond.

The formal meditation aspect of the course is focused practice at learning to check in, and the informal mindful activities are ways to extend that learning into our daily lives. We need both. During the course you are encouraged to try out all the different practices fully, so that at the end of the course you can decide which practices work best for you.

Each week of the course has a theme and come complete with books, CDs, supervision and support. For more information about Breathworks and this course click here:

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