“By 2020 Kent young people and their families will have improved resilience, by developing their knowledge and lifelong skills to maximise their own and their peers’ emotional health and wellbeing; so to navigate their way to support when needed in ways which work for them.”

Headstart Kent mission

Mindful Kent is the specialist website for those undertaking Mindfulness Training through the HeadStart Kent programme, supported by Social Sense.

The aim is to train approx 1300 delegates at Mindfulness Awareness level, 130 at Mindfulness Intensive level and 100 at Mindfulness Train the Trainer level.

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100% of training delegates described their learner satisfactory as either ‘very good’, ‘good’ and ‘satisfactory’. No one said ‘not satisfactory.’
— HeadStart Kent: Training Delegates Post-Training Survey Results

The Mindfulness Training levels

“Previous knowledge was greatly increased through this course; Both facilitators were very knowledgeable and passionate about their subject; great resources - book and audio links are high quality; beautiful venue, perfect for the subject; I’d like to share the benefits I’ve gained from the course.”
— Mindfulness Intensive Training Delegate (Aug 2018)

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